Other IT Services

Welcome to Other IT Services

Our special services are File Server, Internet Control Server Server, Exchange Server, Wireless Network System, we also offers the following IT Service so that our customer get all-in-one IT solutions.

  1. Hardware & Software Installation
  2. PC / Laptop Maintenance, Trouble Shooting & Upgrading
  3. Monthly Service Contract
  4. LAN & WAN Network Design, Installation
  5. Router Configuration
  6. Wireless Communication and Network Security System
  7. Network Management System
  8. Virus Protection & Cleaning
  9. F.O.C Computer Services Support By Phone 
  10. Data Safety Checkup
  11. Internet Café Solution
  12. On-call PC & Network Services Support


IT Consultancy Services

Before you buy a computer for you or your organization, it a good idea to consult with IT Professionals. It will be extra cost but you will be happy for many years. If you buy without understanding about computer hardware or without any IT Professionals' advise, you will cost more money and will not get the right computer hardware or your computer can you unhappy for years!!

There are many models for each computer hardware at different prices. If you aren't well experienced IT Professional, It is really difficult to choose the right computer hardware. Most computer users are wasting their money for computer hardware they can't use or not suit to their needs.

You should understand the best computer hardware is not the highest price hardware but the one with reasonable price + can fulfill exactly what you need.

You can eliminate most potential problems with our IT consultancy services. We can advise you to get the right computer hardware that you exactly need.

  • Get right hardware with reasonable price.
  • Effectively use your budget
  • Less error prone, and be happy forever
  • Better Warranty Services
  • F.O.C Technical Support via Phone.